School Supply Lists
Math.jpgHaven School Supplies
Students should come to school on the first day prepared with paper and a writing utensil.  The following is a general list of supplies.  Individual teachers may require specific supplies.

Physical education uniforms and heart rate monitor straps can be purchased from the Haven FACT Department at our Back to School Picnic.


The following is a general list of supplies; however, individual teachers may require specific supplies and will be communicated to our students the first week of school, i.e. *scientific calculators for algebraic math.  On the first day of school, all students should come prepared with paper and a writing utensil.  

All Students:           
#2 pencils              Ballpoint pens (blue, black & red (for peer editing)            Book covers for text            

Colored pencils         Ruler (metric and English measurement)                          Dry erase markers (to math teacher)     

Highlighters            Loose leaf notebook paper (for home & school)                   1 or 2 flash drives

Glue sticks             2 boxes of Kleenex (turn in to homeroom teacher)                3 x 5 ruled index cards

*Calculator             1 ½ “ binder for math and dividers                                   8 triple A (AAA) batteries

Pencil case             Spiral notebooks (assorted colors)                                      Sheet protectors

Protractor              Pocket  folders w/fasteners  (assorted colors)                          100 sheets/graph paper 1” & 1cm

                6th Gra                                 7th Grade                                                               8th Grade
                scissors                                colored folders                                         colored folders
                graph paper                             2 three pronged folders                         2 three pronged folders
                5-6 notebook dividers           Loose leaf notebookpaper                                Loose leaf notebook paper
                erasers                                 composition notebook                            composition notebook
                T1 30 calculator                        highlighters                                            highlighters
                                                                1 container of antibacterial wipes                      1 container of antibacterial wipes
                                                                3x3”  Post-it notes                                   3x3” Post-it notes
                                                                3-ring green binder                                     3-ring purple binder
                                                                Hand held pencil sharpener                              hand held pencil sharpener

                Geometry students:                      TI 83 graphing calculator

Parents, the above supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year; please be also know  we earnestly try to extend the usage/life of all supplies and appreciate your encouragement in this regard as well.    More grade specific items on the reverse side.   Haven Middle School participates in programs (Office Depot Star Teacher Program / id#7003227 and Take Charge of Education Program at Target Stores); this special benefit enables our school to earn money back on every purchase made  and our staff to purchase many of the supplies not referenced on the above listing.  

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